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Try out Live Lightning Roulette

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Get struck by Live Lightning Roulette, a new Live Casino experience brought to you by Evolution Gaming. It has everything regular Live Casino Roulette has and much more.

A new Live Roulette in Town

The masterminds behind this creation is no one less than Evolution Gaming that has brought Dream Catcher and classic table games to the Live Casino. The quality of the game play and the overall production values are mint, the game is worth a try almost just for the banter of the host.
Live Lightning Roulette is unique in it’s way from traditional Roulette as it brings a game show-style to it with advanced sounds.

Like many of Evolution Gaming’s Live Casino variations, the game play is fast paced and you have the ability to chat to the host as your placing your bets and celebrate when it lands on your number.
Every time the ball stops, a quick winner list is produced on the left of the screen, this way you can see how your fellow players are doing and see how much they’ve won.

Evolution Gaming is exceptional when it comes to bringing a live casino experience to players and Lightning Roulette can be played by an unlimited number of players at the same time, gone are the days where you need to squeeze your way to the table to place your bets.

The lucky bolts

In this version of the popular Roulette game, you’ll want to be struck by lightning.
As the name suggests, Lightning Roulette uses an added bolt of luck to electrify the game experience.
All the regular Roulette bets can be found in Lightning Roulette, but the game manufacturers have also added Lucky Numbers and Lucky Pay-outs which takes the game to a new level.
In each game round, between one and five Lucky Numbers is struck by lightning and given a multiplied pay-out of between 50:1 and 500:1. So basically, you could place a £1 bet on a single number and walk away with £500 with a straight-up bet. It’s that simple.

After all bets are accepted, the quantity of the Lucky Numbers reveals themselves and the amounts of the pay outs are randomly generated and displayed behind on a big screen behind the table.
Each Lucky Number pays out between 50 and 500:1 if the ball lands on the Lucky Number and if you have made a Straight-up Bet on that given number. Regular non-multiplied Straight Bets pay 30:1.
The classic bets such as splits, corners, dozens and colours pay the same as your standard Roulette table but that’s not quite why you play Live Lightning Roulette.

Where can you play Live Lightning Roulette?

You can play Lightning Roulette at any Casino with Evolution Gaming as Live Casino Supplier. We recommend the following featured casinos where you can also collect hefty bonuses on your first deposit.

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